Android Tactical Assault Kit

The Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) is a U.S. Government-off-the-Shelf (GOTS) software application and mapping framework for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. ATAK gives operators in the field a dramatically enhanced real-time situational awareness.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

This course will cover basic uses of the software and plan a simple “mission package” to pass to fellow team mates in order to reduce the planning cycle and provide clear direction to all team-members. The TAK software application is an extensible moving map display that integrates U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial imagery, local maps, and overlay information to provide enhanced collaboration and situational awareness over a tactical meshed network. TAK promotes information flow and communications from the tactical environment to command enterprise locations.



Introduction to ATAK


User Interface Overview


Introduction to Software Tools


Tool Capabilities

The Problem

ATAK is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance a team’s ability to complete their mission. However, it’s not friendly for the new user and can be intimidating to figure out. Without the proper training the full potential of ATAK is never fully utilized.

The Solution

The Introduction to ATAK course provides users with the initial training they need. The course walks through each essential feature and provides practical guidance on maximizing the functionality and effectiveness for your team. Students become powerful ATAK users in the classroom before the mission, instead of trying to fumble through it during the mission. 

The Results

By taking the Introduction to ATAK course, you’ll have the skills necessary to begin using ATAK immediately and effectively.