Privacy Training: Safeguarding PII

This training course has been developed in response to the Federal government’s policy on protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII). This course was designed to help provide the information needed to understand, recognize, and report PII and PII breaches in the workplace.

Knowing the Indicators

Federal contractors, federal agencies, and their employees are required to comply with specific laws to protect the privacy of personally identifiable information (PII). Safeguarding PII is everyone’s responsibility and privacy training is contractually required for employees who have access to PII or a System of Records.



Privacy Training course recap


Implementing preventive safeguards


Manager's response to a PII breach

The Problem

PII, when lost or compromised, can cause substantial harm to individuals, including identity theft or other fraudulent acts. Many contractors have access to PII, as well as other sensitive data, and without proper knowledge of how to protect that information the risk of loss or misuse of PII is high. Safeguarding PII and sensitive information is a critical responsibility of all contractors and should be taken seriously at all times.  

The Solution

The first step in safeguarding PII is knowing how to recognize PII and the ways in which it can be leaked. Privacy training provides the information needed to protect PII and to understand, recognize, and report privacy breaches. Knowing the ways to protect private information and properly implementing safety protocols is the first line of defense for individuals and business. 


The Results

By completing the Privacy Training: Safeguarding PII for Contractors course, you will know what PII is, how to safeguard PII, you will understand the Privacy Act of 1974 and common exemptions for PII, and know how to prevent, report, and respond to a privacy breach.