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Our CBT courses are uniquely designed to facilitate the best possible learning experience.

ATSG specializes in creating custom courses to address each of our customer’s specific and most challenging requirements. Whether through onsite training or e-learning via ATSG Academy, we provide tailored and standardized solutions that best fit the organization, culture and aspects that are essential to the customer.


Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Training

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption training provides students with the information needed to understand, recognize, and report bribery and corruption in the workplace.

Intro to Secure Communications

ATSG’s Intro to Secure Communications course will enable students to make informed choices on the use of on-the-go communications platforms and the security risks involved.

Privacy Training

This Privacy Training course is a introduction for contractors about Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and to protect the privacy of PII .

Privacy Training for Managers

This Privacy Training course will focus on managers role in protecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and implementing preventive safeguards.

Human Trafficking Awareness

ATSG’s Human Trafficking Awareness course will give a brief overview of what Human Trafficking is, where it occurs, and the laws and regulations related to Human Trafficking.

Security Training

This Security Training course is a basic introduction to common cybersecurity treats used to target individuals and corporations, and how to protect against them.

additional courses

Human Trafficking Awareness for Program Managers

This course is designed to teach program managers the components of Human Trafficking, the laws and regulations related to Human Trafficking in United States government contracts, and reporting procedures.

Preventing Harassment and Discrimination Training

This course covers common harassment and discrimination categories and key terms, the laws and regulations that protect against harassment and discrimination, and how to report incidents.

Concientización de Tráfico
de Personas

El curso de ATSG sobre la Concientización del Tráfico de Personas ofrecerá una breva descripción general de lo que es el Trafico de Personas, donde ocurre y las leyes y regulaciones relacionadas con el Tráfico de Personas.

Concientización de Tráfico de Personas para Gerentes de Programa

Este curso está diseñado para enseñar a los gerentes de programa los componentes del Tráfico de Personas, las leyes y regulaciones en los contratos del gobierno de los Estados Unidos y los procedimientos de informe.


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