Intro to Secure Communications

Designed for those who require an introduction, or refresher, to advanced communications techniques. This online course is based on the real-world experience of our Subject Matter Experts and feedback from practitioners currently deployed and is rooted in the advanced application of the fundamentals of secure communication.  

Securing What Matters

The Introduction to Secure Communications course gives a basic understanding of how we communicate on a day-to-day basis and the risks involved. In this course users will learn about common risk vectors and how to mitigate the threat, enable the user to make informed choices on the use of communications platforms on-the-go, and increase the users ability to mitigate security risks and to create an environment to communicate anonymously.



Introduction to Risk Vectors


How a Computer Works


Basic Computer Networking


Fundamentals of Encryption


How a VPN Works


Principles of Setting Up a Secure Sandbox

The Problem

Digital communication is essential to today’s modern world. Every day we see an increase in the number of connected devices brought into our homes and businesses. Without proper security practices, this penetration of technology opens the door for nefarious actors to see into our spending patterns, lifestyle, sensitive conversations, and even our exact location.

The Solution

Everyone needs to be aware of the everyday risks associated with today’s communication methods.  Once we understand common hacking and phishing techniques, we can utilize best practices to keep ourselves and our information safe.

The Results

The Introduction to Secure Communications course gives you the knowledge necessary to keep you and your information protected.