Security Training

This training course has been developed in response to the rapidly growing cybersecurity threat. This course was designed to help increase awareness and educate on common security risks.

Know Your Vulnerabilities

Software alone can’t always protect your information. Hackers will take advantage of any vulnerability they can find. Being aware of security risks and how to avoid them is the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your professional information.



Phishing Threats


Password Security

The Problem

Today just about every facet of our life is connected in some way to the internet and technology. With an increase in the number of users and devices online in the corporate setting, a growing number of cyber attacks have wreaked havoc on both private households and businesses. Poor security hand bad practices have lead to backdoor access that should be avoidable.

The Solution

The first step in combating cybersecurity threats is to know what vulnerabilities cause them and to take action in reducing those vulnerabilities. Learning about best practices and techniques to protect your information while remaining aware of the risks

The Results

By completing the Security Training course, you will have a basic understanding of the most common cyber
security threats used to target individuals and corporations, and how to protect against them. Students will learn about password vulnerabilities and email phishing techniques often used to steal data and wreak havoc on computer networks.