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Human Trafficking
Awareness 1hour

Welcome to the homepage for the Human Trafficking Awareness Course. To begin, complete the Course Introduction below. Once you have completed the introduction you can begin on the available course lessons.

Course Introduction

Click on the Launch button to begin the Course Introduction module.

Lesson 1 : Trafficking Components

This block of instruction will cover the definition of Human Trafficking, how Human Trafficking takes place, and the components of Human Trafficking.


Lesson 2 : Trafficking Indicators

This block of instruction will cover the common red flags, or indicators, which will can help you identify Human Trafficking situations.


Lesson 3 : Trafficking Scenarios

This block of instruction will cover some potential trafficking scenarios to improve your understanding of Human Trafficking indicators.


Lesson 4 : Trafficking Laws, Regulations, and Policy

This block of instruction will cover Human Trafficking laws, regulations and policy pertaining to combating trafficking situations.


Human Trafficking Awareness Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge of the Human Trafficking Awareness eLearning course.


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